Derrick Garwood – Derrick Garwood Limited

Owner of a limited company specialising in medical writing and editing for pharmaceutical companies and professional bodies, Derrick Garwood has relied on the accounting expertise and business advice that RDP Newmans provide for almost 40 years now.

Derrick first began working with RDP Newmans in 1975 after the firm was recommended to him by friends in the dental profession who had always been happy with the service they received. Since then, Derrick has recommended the firm to friends and colleagues of his own.

RDP Newmans prepare Derrick’s yearly accounts but also provide advice and guidance on tax liability and other relevant business matters. Their expert advice has helped him with issues as diverse as house purchase and guidance on a legal matter.

Derrick finds the team at RDP Newmans very helpful:

“They point out the advantages of adopting a particular financial approach, which is really useful.

“RDP Newmans saves me an awful lot of hassle and aggravation. If I have a query on anything I give them a call and Riki is very reliable – he always seems to have the answer!”