Lewis Malka – Joseph Sterling

Please click image to view websiteAs director of Joseph Sterling, a bespoke jewellery design and manufacturing company synonymous with the finest expression of style and beauty, Lewis Malka requires a professional services provision that is second to none. This is exactly what he has found at RDP Newmans.

The professional relationship began 12 years ago, when RDP Newmans was recommended to him by a family member. During the initial meeting, Mr Malka found RDP Newmans to be a very competent and efficient firm that knew what they were talking about and had all the answers he was looking for.

Since then, RDP Newmans has looked after all Mr Malka’s financial interests, including the accounts, tax returns and VAT for his businesses, as well as his personal tax returns.

“I have peace of mind,” says Mr Malka, “as I don’t need to worry about deadlines or the amounts I need to pay. RDP Newmans gives me a timetable of when everything needs to be done, so I can plan my financial year around this, and I don’t receive any nasty surprises.”

Mr Malka would definitely recommend RDP Newmans, and has already done so to both start-up and established businesses.

“The service given is second to none,” he says. “Additionally, the fees are not extortionate and everything is done straight away. Partner David Finn is always on hand, which is very important to me, and has the final sign off on any work.”

“Our professional relationship with David and his understanding of the business has developed over the last 12 years of working together.”

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