Mike Dyer – Simpsons

Please click image to view websiteWhen you are busy running a business, you look for the best possible professional services to help you succeed. That includes accountants who understand your business and the sector in which you operate.

That’s exactly what Mike Dyer, the owner of chauffeur company Simpsons, says he has found at RDP Newmans.

“They are not just accountants,” he explains, “they know about business.”

The relationship between the two firms began when Simpsons’ previous accountant became a partner at RDP Newmans. Since then, they have taken care of all the audit and management accounts, as well as advising on everything to do with the business. This includes helping to speak to the bank regarding overdrafts and to deal with awkward shareholders.

“The team at RDP Newmans is very good and informative,” says Mr Dyer. “They help our business to grow.”

Mr Dyer feels RDP Newmans are “very on it”, and so would be happy to recommend the firm to others. “They know what is going on in any business and are very helpful,” he adds.

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