RDP Newmans featured team member

Each month we are highlighting a team member who has gone above and beyond what is expected – and the bar is pretty high! This month we’re pleased to introduce you to Rehan Ali Sheikh, Audit/Accounts Semi-Senior at RDP Newmans. Find out a bit more about Rehan below.

How long have you been working at RDP Newmans?

I have been working at RDP Newmans for nearly two years.

What is your favourite thing about working for the firm?

Throughout my training, I have always received one-to-one support from peers and seniors, which has been a standout for me with regards to work life.

Moreover, it is a very convenient location for me as I only live 20 minutes away by walk so, I can afford to come in early or stay late sometimes without having to worry about public transport or traffic.

What makes the firm different from other workplaces?

I believe that RDP Newmans has a very friendly and open atmosphere. This was my first job after graduating university and I feel this aspect helped me to settle my nerves quite quickly, as well as making some very good friends along the way.

Describe your average day?

I tend to be at the office by 9:15 am so that I have enough time to check emails from clients and colleagues, as well as speak to seniors to plan my workday ahead.

During the day, I mostly carry out accounting jobs and VAT returns, as well as assisting managers/seniors with small tasks now and then.

Furthermore, I have recently been given the responsibility of “mentor”, which means I have the task of helping juniors by assisting them with any difficulties they face in their own work or if they have any queries.

As the workday comes to an end, I ensure I update senior staff members of my current job progress, as this helps with future work programme planning.

What do you think makes you exceptional at your job?

I believe my determination to gain knowledge from vastly experienced colleagues has benefited me in my own development, not only as an accountant but also as a professional.

I have learnt to be forward-thinking by improving from past experiences and trying my level best to succeed in all situations, whether that be in the office or with clients.

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

I have a huge passion for cricket, football (especially the mighty Arsenal!) and sports in general.

I love going to the gym after work and having quality family time on weekends. When it is exam season, most of my spare time is spent studying, but I do enjoy the odd break by visiting friends from university.

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