International Tax

At RDP Newmans, it’s never a leap into the unknown.

Business Expansion

We have extensive international tax knowledge and experience in dealing with inward investment into the UK and outward investments to rest of the world.

We provide practical and manageable international tax planning for multiple jurisdictions taking into account the tax impacts on the holding company and/or the ultimate shareholders. We often see thick and expensive reports from top accountancy firms which focus on theories of international tax principles rather than the practical day-to-day needs of the business and its owners.

As most of our clients are small to medium-sized Owner Managed Businesses (“OMBs”), our focus when calculating global effective tax rates or when putting a global structure in place, is to consider the objectives of the expansion for the ultimate shareholders and the local tax issues for the business.

We have the resources and expertise to address your businesses’ cross-border needs.

Personal Tax Planning for HNW Individuals

We have substantial experience in assisting high net worth individuals who are resident but not domiciled (“RNDs”) in the UK to manage their offshore wealth. Whether you are coming to the UK for the first time or are already in the UK, we can help to find solutions to suit your needs.

Due to changes made to the deemed domicile rules from 6 April 2017, RNDs should review their offshore assets urgently as some measures are time-barred!

Back-office support for UK business expansion

It is often the case that the big firms who provide tax advice or planning are disconnected with regulatory compliance obligations of the business.

At RDP Newmans, we provide a one-stop shop solution for inward investment to the UK. We will hand-hold you through registering a limited company, a Limited Liability Partnership, a general partnership or a branch, filing tax returns for the entities and the owners and dealing with VAT, Stamp Duty Land Tax and other employment tax issues.

With back-office support, RDP Newmans can deliver high-quality inward investment tax planning with low compliance costs.

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