Making Tax Digital

Following the announcement of a snap general election to take place on 8 June 2017, the Government dropped clauses relating to Making Tax Digital from the Finance Bill 2017 so that it could quickly receive approval from MPs before Parliament dissolved. The policy is now on hold until after the election.

While Making Tax Digital is currently on hold, the Government has said that the clauses dropped from the Finance Bill remain policy and it intends to put forward legislation at the start of the new Parliament to enact them.

We will update this page as details of any new legislation are announced after the election.

By 2020 all businesses and individuals will have access to an online digital tax account under proposals put forward under the Making Tax Digital Campaign.

This signifies a major change in the way tax is assessed and managed – requiring all businesses and individuals to use HM Revenue & Customs-friendly software in order to comply with their reporting requirements.

For businesses with a turnover over £10,000 this change to the tax regime will also mean that they will have to prepare quarterly updates and keep their records digitally. HMRC will use this information to formulate a business’s annual tax bill.

Under the current proposals, which are currently under consultation, businesses may also be able to:

  • update and assess tax information in real-time
  • make voluntary early payment of tax owed through an online payment system
  • account on a simplified cash basis, rather than accruals, if their annual turnover is below a set amount (likely to be between £100,000 – £166,000).

Cloud buttonAlongside this HM Revenue & Customs will be able to access third party information via banks and other institutions allowing them to complete certain aspects of the online accounts, which may prove useful for some businesses and individuals, but that will need to be checked for any irregularities or errors.

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