Danny Thompson, Chainbow

Chainbow is a residential asset manager focused on the UK multi-family and private rented sectors. The company was founded in 1989 and operates out of London Bridge. It currently has 18 members of staff, who deal with a range of properties across the UK.

“We are primarily a property management company that manages blocks of flats on behalf of a variety of clients.”

“I have worked with RDP Newmans since I started with Chainbow in 2010, but the working relationship goes much further back.”

“RDP are good at problem solving and have helped us solve a number of issues in the past. They are good at meeting deadlines and always do their best to help.”

“They have been particularly helpful in the handover of the documents we receive from other property management companies, ensuring that all financial requirements are met.”

“Our working relationship is really good with RDP Newmans and in particular Simon Kalms, who is mainly who we deal with.”

“The consistency of the work they provide helps us enhance the services we provide to our clients.”

“We have in the past recommended them to our colleagues and would do so again in the future.”